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DNA Bank

Contact: Shag Yamamoto • 415-514-3879 •

The UCSF DNA Banking and Extraction Services Lab (DNA Bank) RELOCATED on March 1, 2013 to the UCSF Parnassus Campus, Health Sciences West building, 9th Floor (HSW901A). Staffed by experts in the field, the “at cost” core facility prepares high quality DNA samples from blood, saliva, and other tissues in good yields. Unlike other commercial DNA extraction services that only prepare DNA samples from small aliquots, the DNA Bank prepares DNA from the full volume (≥10 mL) of vacutainer and saliva tubes. The high quality DNA samples obtained can be returned to you or directed to other core facilities in microfuge tubes or other standard formats (including SBS 96-well PCR plates) for DNA analysis. If desired, the DNA samples can be stored in our secure -80°C freezers on site at nominal cost.