UCSF Cardiovascular Genetics Program
The Cardiovascular Genetics Program at the UCSF is the first multidisciplinary cardiovascular genetics program in California, and one of a select few across the country. The program provides comprehensive cardiac and genetic evaluation, testing, and ongoing management for families with hereditary conditions affecting the heart and blood vessels. Our team of experts include genetic counselors, medical geneticists, cardiologists, electrophysiologists, and researchers.  Using a combination of clinical cardiac and genetic evaluation, we diagnosis, treat and manage individuals of all ages with hereditary heart disease.  Genetic counselors support families with the complex psychological, social, and familial implications of inherited heart disease.  We also collaborate closely with researchers at UCSF and around the world to advance medical knowledge of hereditary heart conditions to improve patient care.

UCSF Center for Reproductive Health
Genetic counselors at the UCSF Center for Reproductive Health work with people who hope to have children through the use of assisted reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).  They primarily help patients considering genetic testing of embryos after undergoing IVF.  Patients often choose to test their embryos for chromosome abnormalities and for single gene conditions that they know are present in their families.  They also perform genetic family history risk assessment for prospective egg and sperm donors and consult recipient families about any assessed risks. If a patient at the Center for Reproductive Health needs evaluations at other genetics centers, they also help facilitate the referral to other specialty clinics.

UCSF Fetal Treatment Center
The Fetal Treatment Center is a world leader in diagnosing and treating birth defects before delivery.

UCSF Memory and Aging Center
The clinical services at the Memory and Aging Center are focused on providing a diagnostic evaluation and treatment recommendations for neurodegenerative diseases.

UCSF Prenatal Diagnostic Center
The Prenatal Diagnostic Center provides comprehensive counseling, screening and diagnostic testing for fetal disorders.

UCSF Medical Genetics
Medical Genetics provides inpatient and outpatient consultations, counseling and care to children, adults and families with rare, complex genetic disorders.

UCSF Biochemical Genetic Medicine Clinic
The Biochemical Genetic Medicine Clinic provides comprehensive disease management, diagnostic evaluations, genetic counseling and education to children, adults and their families living with metabolic and neurological diseases.

UCSF Adult Genetics and Preventive Genomics Clinic
The Adult Genetics Clinic provides diagnostic evaluations, genetic counseling, testing and management options for adults and families with complex genetic disorders, neurological conditions, connective tissue disorders and other indications suspected of a genetic etiology.

UCSF Autism Neurogenetic Clinic
The Autism NeuroGenetic Clinic is a collaboration between Child Neurology and Pediatric Genetics to allow parents and kids to see both specialties in one coordinated visit in order to find the underlying cause of your child's neurodevelopmental challenges.

UCSF Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program

A specialized clinic within the Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program is the Hereditary Cancer Clinic. The Hereditary Cancer Clinic offers patients and families with genetic mutations linked to hereditary cancers – such as mutations of the BRCA gene – personalized care and planning for their long-term health. The clinic provides:

- Genetic counseling and testing for patients and families

- Coordination of follow-up care, including cancer prevention and surveillance, and referrals to other specialty clinics at UCSF as needed

The clinic’s team of clinicians and researchers are dedicated to developing new treatment protocols, improving patient outcomes and survivorship, and providing more personalized care to families that carry mutations linked to hereditary cancers.

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Genetic Testing
UCSF is moving to bring primary care physicians and other providers together with geneticists, and incorporate genetic information in the care of healthy patients. Photo by Steve Babuljak



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