UCSF Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

The UCSF Clinical Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory (MDx Lab) was established in 1990 in the Department of Laboratory Medicine by molecular diagnostics pioneer YW Kan, MD,DSc,FRCP. The Laboratory has been since then a leader in the field, acting as a clinical service and as teaching grounds for fellows and residents. The Laboratory test menu encompasses various inherited diseases, hematology/oncology disorders and pharmacogenetic testing. The MDx Lab continues to serve the local, regional and international communities and has proportionally grown in testing volume by continuously expanding to new platforms to meet the demands of its wide community.

The MDx Laboratory tests include among others:

- Carrier and prenatal testing of inherited disorders such as cystic fibrosis, fragile-X syndrome, spinal muscular atrophy, alpha/beta thalassemia and thrombosis risk factors.

- Diagnostic and minimal residual disease assays for leukemias such as CML, AML, and PML.

- Comprehensive epigenetic analysis of CpG methylation sites to guide treatment of glioblastoma.