Anita Ki

Senior Lab Supervisor
UCSF Cytogenetics Lab

Anita Ki is currently the senior lab supervisor for the Cytogenetics and Molecular Diagnostics Lab at UCSF. Anita received both the Bachelor of Science degree in Business administration and her Certification in Diagnostic Genetic Sciences Program from the University of Connecticut. She has been certified as a Specialist in Cytogenetics (ASCP) since 1994 and is also a Licensed Clinical Cytogenetic Scientist with the State of California, Department of Health Services. Anita had 10 years of clinical Cytogenetics lab experience before joining UCSF. She helped to start the UCSF Cytogenetics lab in 2004. Anita has been in the supervisory role in UCSF since 2009 and has been providing administrative oversight to the UCSF Molecular Diagnostics lab since 2014.